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18 months to 3 1/2 years

ON the GO!  We know how your toddler loves to WIGGLE n MOVE...In our classes, Movement is the key to learning let's GET UP, WIGGLE, PLAY n GROW!





For Toddlers 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 years and their parent or caretaker. A music class that celebrates the unique joys of your growing and curious child, while nurturing their Brain, Body, Heart n Soul thru Music...All in the key of LOVE! Each week your child will love singing, dancing, and playing instruments with you and her new friends, and you'll love helping them practice brain-body skills and a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills, and active listening!


Early Music Skills DO Matter! 





Unlimited Classes in SB and Goleta to attend at any studio, any day, afternoon or night - Monday thru Saturday, mornings, afternoons and evenings!!  Toddler Families can attend any 'Toddlers' or 'Family Time'' class for their Monthly Subscription value of only $65 + cost of the semester At-Home Music kits to be purchased in class.


Classes are prorated from when you start. Join Anytime. Your first class is FREE!


Siblings are 50% off!


We know your schedule is busy - That’s why we’re flexible! Come whenever you want in the week, in the month, in the semester, and at any studio. We offer many Toddlers and Family Time Class times to choose from. That means...  

More Music ~ More Learning ~ More Fun!






Our quality and unique lessons facilitate musical, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, interpersonal and intra-personal intelligence. Up until about age 3-1/2 yrs, toddlers are mostly learning by observing and imitating others.  That's why the magical combination of parent and child with other adults in a Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends class becomes one of the best kinds of opportunities for using music to fuel a child's learning and development.


~Language Development - Your child is on the edge of a verbal explosion, and Kindermusik gives them lots of opportunities to practice and develop those budding language skills. Singing and vocal play along with Story Time, chants, and finger plays all help stimulate language development in a fun and pressure-free way.
 ~Vocal Development - For toddlers, learning to use their voices starts with imitating sounds, playing with the many sounds our voices can make, singing short songs, and chanting simple rhymes - all with you as a model and inspiration.

~Cognitive Development - You'll be able to enhance your child's growing comprehension and cognitive skills through happy classroom routines like coming to get instruments and putting them away, musical activities that invite clapping and tapping to music, and themes that engage the toddler's delightful sense of curiosity and imagination.

~Gross Motor Skills - Toddlers on the GO love all their Kindermusik classes - we're never sit still for very long!  From holding and shaking instruments to walking, running and jumping to stopping and going, you will enjoy being part of helping your child's skills blossom through a wide variety of creative movement.

~Fine Motor Skills - At a child when your child is becoming more and more independent, a little practice with smaller-sized instruments, finger plays, and turning pages in a book means that the hand muscles learn to cooperate more and more with the brain.

~Social Emotional Development - There's no doubt that your toddler is becoming his own little person, but he still needs you as his anchor of security. Kindermusik ensures your child's healthy social and emotional development through predictable routines and special rituals, being around other children, practice with sharing, and best of all, play time with you.

~Musical Development - Toddlers are delighted by music, and there's no better time than in these early years to inspire what will become a lifelong GIFT and LOVE FOR MUSIC!  From drumming to singing to dancing together, you'll love how Kindermusik inspires your daily routines and strengthens the bond you share.



For over 35 years, Kindermusik has been the leader of Music n Movement Education Worldwide....KINDERMUSIK with KATHY IS CELEBRATING 17 YEARS in the community!


Testimonials from our Parents and Fans (Thank you!):

"When my daughter was a baby a friend in Canada suggested that we try out Kindermusik, as she felt it was helping her two children to learn to love music.  We were very lucky to live here in Santa Barbara where Kathy Hayden's Kindermusik program is one of the best in the world.  Kathy has built her program using her unique background in education and musical talents so that it includes singing, dancing, and the playing of instruments, so even the youngest children can become fully immersed in the musical experience.  Maria Montessori said, "A child learns best through multi-sensory experiences.  If a child can participate in a concept with his touch, smell, hearing and sight, the concept will be much more impacting and memorable."  This proved to be the case!  My daughter completed the entire series of Kindermusik classes, and participated in the additional Music Majors program that Kathy has developed for older children.  Every week for 8 years she looked forward to her classes and they were the foundation for her continued interest in musical exploration.  Her current piano teacher says that her memory for music is excellent, and I know that her previous experience with Kindermusik is the reason!  My daughter loves music, when she hears a song she has to sing and dance along! 

Thank you Kathy and Teachers, you have helped make love of music something special that our whole family can share"

-Paige Miller, Santa Barbara


"My daughters have been attending SB Kindermusik for several years and it has been an amazing program to be involved with. It has been a class that we have consistently attended  over the years as my children love the classes. Kathy is so incredibly energetic and engaging with young children that they always have a fun time and learn something from each class. Kathy also offers fabulous birthday parties that are great value. My daughter loved her 5th birthday party at Kindermusik. I would recommend Kindermusik without hesitation to any parent of young children."
-Julie Barnes, SB


"I am discovering the joys of Kindermusik with my toddler granddaughter, this is our special bonding time together. She is already "dancing" to the music and showing a sense of rhythm. After raising my children with Gymboree two decades ago, it is a real treat to reconnect with Kathy, sharing her vibrant energy and love of children with my granddaughter! I look forward to years of Kindermusik classes together!"
 - Julie Wexler, SB


 "We have been attending Kindermusik since our daughter was 1 years old.  She absolutely loves it! Not only does she enjoy singing the songs and reading the stories, but we feel she truly appreciates all the different styles of music that come from this class! Whether it is a country song, ballad, or lullaby, she is learning that music comes in all shapes and sizes.  As parents, we have seen our daughter get so excited when a particular song comes on- and she demonstrates hand movements or gestures that she learned in class.  Kathy and her teachers do a wonderful job of incorporating other aspects of fun and play- with an air log, parachute, and towel rides...they keep the toddler-crowd entertained and also plenty of variety so that each week it is something different and new.  We are always pleased with how clean everything is kept, and how friendly and professional the entire staff is! Thank you, Kathy!"

- Dalina and Mike Klan, SB




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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Mon at 10:30 AM starts 9/5/16 18m-3.5 Leana SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Tue at 10:30 AM starts 9/6/16 Toddlers 18m-3.5 Kathy SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Wed at 9:30 AM starts 9/7/16 Toddlers 18m-3.5 Kathy SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Thu at 9:30 AM starts 9/8/16 18m-3.5 Leana SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Thu at 5:45 PM starts 9/8/16 18m-3.5 Sapna SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Fri at 9:30 AM starts 9/9/16 18m-3.5 Sonya SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Sat at 9:30 AM starts 9/10/16 Toddlers 18m-3.5 Sapna SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00/m Register!
Wed at 4:45 PM starts 1/11/17 Toddlers 18m-3.5 Sapna SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $65.00 Register!
Tue at 9:30 AM starts 9/6/16 18m-3.5 Leana Goleta Classes at Maravilla Senior Living Center $65.00/m Register!
Thu at 9:30 AM starts 9/8/16 18m-3.5 Kathy Goleta Classes at Goleta Valley Church $65.00/m Register!
Fri at 10:30 AM starts 9/9/16 Toddlers 18m-3.5 Sapna Goleta Classes at Goleta Valley Church $65.00/m Register!
Fri at 5:45 PM starts 9/9/16 18m-3.5 Katie Goleta Classes at Goleta Valley Church $65.00/m Register!