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6 months to 4 years

You're never too young, or too old, to enjoy music and creative movement with Kindermusik and Friends!


GOLETA CLASSES at Maravilla meet Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am.

MONTECITO CLASSES at Casa Dorinda meet Thursdays at 10:30-11:30am

Babies and Toddlers (siblings welcomes) with a parent or caretaker. Music n Movement Classes. Our special and unique Goleta Classes are with Seniors at Maravilla Senior Living Center!

Monthly On-Going Subscription for a once week seniors class is only $50 + Music kit!...or add only $15 a month ($3.50 a week) and get Unlimited Classes all week in SB and Goleta for only $65 + kit!

Siblings are 50% off!


Introducing Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends's Classes with Seniors, Families and Children together!! Now, we've taken  Kindermusik with Kathy's supreme curriculum a step further - by bringing this magical, musical classroom into local senior centers and retirement communities. This is you and your families chance to enjoy a unique, multi-generational class where you'll foster valuable musical learning experiences with your children while building personal relationships with loving and caring friends, our elders. Many of the seniors claim this is their favorite day of the week...when they get to see and experience the exuberant JOY of musical, moving children, smile and touch hands with them...some seniors may even dance with us! While the teacher, children and families sing and play instruments, our elder friends join in by singing and playing instruments with us. Children love passing out the instruments....and getting those smiles back!

It's a whole multi-generational, multi-level ensemble of Music, Movement, Rhythm, Song and Dance... and LOVE!


KINDERMUSIK WITH KATHY & FRIENDS is a music education for the whole Body, Brain, Heart n Soul of A Child!

Creativity through the child's natural responses to music.


Our quality and unique lessons facilitate musical, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, interpersonal and intra-personal intelligence. Up until about age 3-1/2 yrs, infants and  toddlers are mostly learning by observing and imitating others.  That's why the magical combination of parent and child with other adults in a SBC Kindermusik class becomes one of the best kinds of opportunities for using music to fuel a child's learning and development.

~Language Development - Your child is on the edge of a verbal explosion, and SBC Kindermusik gives them lots of opportunities to practice and develop those budding language skills. Singing and vocal play along with Story Time, chants, and finger plays all help stimulate language development in a fun and pressure-free way.

~Vocal Development - For infants and toddlers, learning to use their voices starts with imitating sounds, playing with the many sounds our voices can make, singing short songs, and chanting simple rhymes - all with you as a model and inspiration.

~Cognitive Development - You'll be able to enhance your child's growing comprehension and cognitive skills through happy classroom routines like coming to get instruments and putting them away, musical activities that invite clapping and tapping to music, and themes that engage your child's delightful sense of curiosity and imagination.

~Gross Motor Skills - Young children on the GO love all their SBC Kindermusik classes - we're never sit still for very long!  From holding and shaking instruments to crawling, walking, running and jumping to stopping and going, you will enjoy being part of helping your child's skills blossom through a wide variety of creative movement.

~Fine Motor Skills - At a child when your child is becoming more and more independent, a little practice with smaller-sized instruments, finger plays, and turning pages in a book means that the hand muscles learn to cooperate more and more with the brain.

~Social Emotional Development - There's no doubt that your baby and toddler is becoming his own little person, but he still needs you as his anchor of security.  SBC Kindermusik ensures your child's healthy social and emotional development through predictable routines and special rituals, being around other children, practice with sharing, and best of all, play time with you.

~Musical Development - ALL CHILDREN are delighted by music, and there's no better time than in these early years to inspire what will become a lifelong GIFT and LOVE FOR MUSIC!  From drumming to singing to dancing together, you'll love how SBC Kindermusik inspires your daily routines and strengthens the bond you share.



Kindermusik International has been the leader of music programs worldwide for over 35 years. And NOW WE ARE CELEBRATING 16 YEARS IN SB COUNTY!...Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends Studios encourages children to be creative, to initiate their own ideas and to respond in their own ways. Playing instruments, singing, moving, and exploring uncover an engaging musical world while building your child's confidence, curiosity and creativity skills.


From our Parents and Fans (Thank You!):

"My daughters have been attending SBC Kindermusik for several years and it has been an amazing program to be involved with. It has been a class that we have consistently attended  over the years as my children love the classes. Kathy and teachers are so incredibly energetic and engaging with young children that they always have a fun time and learn something from each class. Kindermusik also offers fabulous birthday parties that are great value. My daughter loved her 5th birthday party at Kindermusik. I would recommend Kindermusik with Kathy and Teachers without hesitation to any parent of young children."
Julie Barnes, SB

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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Thu at 10:30 AM starts 2/23/17 Wiggle n Grow 6m-4 Taylor Montecito Classes at Casa Dorinda $50.00/m Register!
Tue at 9:30 AM starts 1/3/17 Wiggle n Grow 6m-4 Leana Goleta Classes at Maravilla Senior Living Center $50.00/m Register!