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3 years to 5 1/2 years

Explore Voice, Instruments, Drums and Creative Movement...Inspired through storytelling, imagination and musical curiosity!




IMAGINE THAT! is a Drop-Off Class (with Parent's Option to stay!) that offers the best of everything in Music, while nurturing your child's Brain, Body, Heart n Soul....All in the Key of LOVE! We take your 3 to 5-1/2 year old on a musical journey of discovery and exploration - a journey limited only by the power of imagination. Storytelling, Drama and Play activities are integrated with multi-cultural MUSIC- singing and vocal development, instrument play, drum beats and rhythm, creative dance, movement and literature to capture your child's potential to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and individuality.


*Parents participate in the last 10 minutes for Parent Sharing Time of the 60-minute class Imagine That! 

Early Music Skills DO Matter!


Unlimited Classes in SB and Goleta to attend at any studio, any day, afternoon or night - Monday thru Saturday, mornings, afternoons and evenings!!  Imagine That! Families can attend any 'Imagine That!' or 'Family Time' class for their Monthly Subscription value of only $75 + the semester At-Home Music kits!


Classes are prorated from when you start. Join Anytime. Your first class is FREE!


Siblings are 50% off!


We know your schedule is busy - That’s why we’re flexible! Come whenever you want in the week, in the month, in the semester, and at any studio. We offer many Imagine That! and Family Time Class times to choose from. That means...  


More Music ~ More Learning ~ More Fun!






3 thru 5 year olds are actively expanding their base of knowledge through trial and error, talking, moving, and yes, even being a little silly at times!  There's no limit as to how far a little imagination, a lot of music, the joy of being with friends, and some Sharing Time with family can take these eager learners who are also on their way to becoming promising musicians in their own right.

 ~Singing/Vocal Development (the KEY component of this class!)- Now that the speaking voice is more fully developed, we'll turn our attention to finding the song that's in every heart.  The singing we do in class will expand the children's song repertoire, help them begin to match pitch, and teach them to use their voices expressively.

~Language Development - your child has a lot to say, and he loves to tell stories and share information.  Kindermusik gives your child an outlet for self-expression by capitalizing on his capacity for imaginary play, his ability to follow 3-step directions, and his interest in making up stories and rhymes.

~Cognitive Development - These concrete thinkers are also curious learners who have an increasing ability to think about ideas and things that are not immediately visible.  Our Kindermusik activities give lots of opportunities for stretching those cognitive abilities through labeling, repetition, sequencing, and participating in pretend play.

~Gross Motor Skills - Skills like hopping, skipping, running, and walking are refined as we add the challenge of moving to a musical cue. Kindermusik helps your active preschooler become more expressive in his movement, giving her lots of opportunities to benefit from the strong connection between moving and learning.

~Fine Motor Skills - Drawing simple objects on paper or building a tower with blocks show that your child is ready to take on the challenge of using a mallet and playing instruments with greater variety and skill. Kindermusik provides a critical bridge of musical learning and experience.

~Social Emotional Development - Every child is a contributor in our Kindermusik classes!  Respect for each child and a knowledge of age-appropriate expectations means that your child's teacher provides a secure environment for each child to explore, learn, grow, and contribute.

~Musical Development - We tap into your child's natural musicianship and developing musical skills.  We'll help your child find and develop his singing voice, explore the keyboard and teach him a beginning vocabulary of music theory and  terms.



For over 35 years, Kindermusik has been the leader of Music n Movement Education Worldwide....KINDERMUSIK with KATHY IS CELEBRATING 17 YEARS in the community!


Testimonials from our Parents and Fans (Thank you!):

"When my daughter was a baby a friend in Canada suggested that we try out Kindermusik, as she felt it was helping her two children to learn to love music.  We were very lucky to live here in Santa Barbara where Kathy Hayden's Kindermusik program is one of the best in the world.  Kathy has built her program using her unique background in education and musical talents so that it includes singing, dancing, and the playing of instruments, so even the youngest children can become fully immersed in the musical experience.  Maria Montessori said, "A child learns best through multi-sensory experiences.  If a child can participate in a concept with his touch, smell, hearing and sight, the concept will be much more impacting and memorable." This proved to be the case!  My daughter completed the entire series of Kindermusik classes, and participated in the additional Music Majors program that SB Kindermusik has developed for older children.  Every week for 8 years she looked forward to her classes and they were the foundation for her continued interest in musical exploration.  Her current piano teacher says that her memory for music is excellent, and I know that her previous experience with Kindermusik is the reason!  My daughter loves music, when she hears a song she has to sing and dance along!  Thank you Kathy and Taechers, you have helped make love of music something special that our whole family can share."

-Paige Miller, Santa Barbara

"My daughters have been attending SB Kindermusik for several years and it has been an amazing program to be involved with. It has been a class that we have consistently attended  over the years as my children love the classes. Kathy is so incredibly energetic and engaging with young children that they always have a fun time and learn something from each class. Kathy also offers fabulous birthday parties that are great value. My daughter loved her 5th birthday party at Kindermusik. I would recommend Kindermusik without hesitation to any parent of young children."
Julie Barnes, SB


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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Mon at 5:45 PM starts 9/5/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Kathy SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $75.00/m Register!
Tue at 9:30 AM starts 9/6/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Kathy SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $75.00/m Full
Tue at 4:45 PM starts 9/6/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Kathy SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $75.00/m Register!
Wed at 10:30 AM starts 9/7/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Kathy SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $75.00/m Register!
Sat at 10:30 AM starts 9/10/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Sapna SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $75.00/m Register!
Thu at 10:30 AM starts 3/2/17 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Leana SB Kindermusik Studio @1st United Methodist Church $75.00/m Register!
Thu at 10:30 AM starts 9/6/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Kathy Goleta Classes at Goleta Valley Church $75.00/m Register!
Thu at 5:45 PM starts 9/8/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Sonya Goleta Classes at Goleta Valley Church $75.00/m Register!
Fri at 4:45 PM starts 9/9/16 Rhythm, Drum, Song & Dance 3-5.5 Katie Goleta Classes at Goleta Valley Church $75.00/m Register!