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7 years to 10 years


Majors in Music, 7-10 year olds+.


Major Players.     Major Concepts.   Major FUN!

 Self Confidence and Self Expression are the Major Key of this class!

Symphonies of Inspiration...Crescendos of Joy...all in the Key of LOVE!

MAJORS IN MUSIC is offered for Kindermusik Young Child graduates and children 7 - 10 +years  (Parents can join in too!). An in-depth study, music theory and history of piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, and songwriting instruction, along with UP-Beat, Dynamic, small group instruction, Orff percussion ensembles, singing, movement, games and the FUN SBC Kindermusik always offers!


*Small group instruction is FUN! - Children learn best by hearing, observing and being "part of" an ensemble of ideas, creativity and music!

Private Lessons can be arranged with each individual teacher.


SONGWRITING w/ INSTRUMENT ENSEMBLES: Fridays 4:15-5:00pm in SB, taught by piano, ukulele, piano and song writer Emily Yurcheshen. DROP IN classes to try out are $15. Contact us to set up an appointment.



Young Musicians can join Songwriter, English Teacher and Musician Emily for a piano or ukulele adventure exploring writing, poetry, art, music and self expression! What more could a class offer for your creative musician!

In this class children will explore ALL expressions of the creative arts....along with music theory and musical understanding of reading, writing and performing, Children will also Dance, Sing and Play Percussion Instruments for Rhythmic Ensemble Work.

There is rhythmic breathing, breath and vocal awareness, singing high and low ranges and working through any 'nervous-ness' that holds your child back from singing their heart out!

Introduction to simple songwriting techniques to spark their creative juices!



-Vocal Instruction, Warms Ups and Singing from the Heart!

-Learning to write and sing your own songs- individually and for a Class Musical (the creative project)

-Instruction in Piano or Ukulele

-Fingering on Piano or Ukulele

-Reading and Playing Music

-Simple 3-4 chord changes

-Improvising with The Blues

-Playing Drums and Percussion Instruments for Rhythmic Ensembles and Group Work

-Movement, Yoga, Creative and Choregraphed Dances


Class limited to 5-6. Reserve a space now!!



Monthly Subscription is only $110 (that's only $27.50 for a 45 minute class! Best deal in town!)


Classes can be prorated when you join in the month. First time visit is $15. Please email or call to set up an appointment.




CELEBRATING 16 YEARS IN SB COUNTY!....SBC Kindermusik  Studios encourages children to be creative, to initiate their own ideas and to respond in their own ways. Playing instruments, singing, moving, and exploring uncover an engaging musical world while building your child's confidence, curiosity and creativity skills.


Testimonials from Parents and Fans (Thank you!)

"When my daughter was a baby a friend in Canada suggested that we try out Kindermusik, as she felt it was helping her two children to learn to love music.  We were very lucky to live here in Santa Barbara where Kathy Hayden's Kindermusik program is one of the best in the world.  Kathy has built her program using her unique background in education and musical talents so that it includes singing, dancing, and the playing of instruments, so even the youngest children can become fully immersed in the musical experience.  Maria Montessori said, "A child learns best through multi-sensory experiences.  If a child can participate in a concept with his touch, smell, hearing and sight, the concept will be much more impacting and memorable." This proved to be the case!  My daughter completed the entire series of Kindermusik classes, and participated in the additional Music Majors program with Emily that SB Kindermusik has developed for older children.  Every week for 8 years she looked forward to her classes and they were the foundation for her continued interest in musical exploration.  Her current piano teacher says that her memory for music is excellent, and I know that her previous experience with Kindermusik is the reason!  My daughter loves music, when she hears a song she has to sing and dance along!  Thank you Kindermusik,Kathy and Teachers, you have helped make love of music something special that our whole family can share"

-Paige Miller, Santa Barbara


"My daughter Lily started Kindermusik with Kathy when she was an infant.  She loved going to class.  That has translated into an enduring love for music and movement.  Now she is nine years old and is taking Ukulele with Emily through Kindermusik.  Ukulele has been an engaging first instrument.  Unlike some instruments it sounds good even when a novice is practicing. Lily was able to play a simple song after her very first lesson.  Her teacher Emily is fantastic.  She is warm, patient, engaging, and has a way with kids.  Lily learned to write her own songs and has performed in front of an audience.  Taking Ukulele has been good for her confidence and has helped her find her voice.  She is shy so it is wonderful to see her have the confidence to perform.  Kathy has always said that music helps academics and so far this has proven true for Lily.  Kindermusik is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the joy of music"
-Leise Thomason, SB


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