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4 years to 9 years



Make It a Memorable Summer of Music & Art!

Nurture Your Child’s Brain, Body, Heart n Soul at Kindermusik’s Camps


Guaranteed be one of your child's favorite camps of the summer!


DYNAMIC Music & Art Camps! Filled with Crescendos of Inspiration and Creative Self Expression...All in the Musical Key of FUN!


Small, intimate groups. No more than 8-10 in a group- special instruction and attention for each child!!


SB Camps at The First United Methodist Church, 305 E. Anapamu St.(corner of Garden), downtown SB


4 days of Camps, *Monday-Thursday (*except 4th of July week, Tuesday – Friday)

AM Camps: 9:00am-12:30pm

PM Camps: 12:30pm-2:00pm

FULL DAY Camps: 9-2:00pm


$20 saving if you do 2 or more! Discount for siblings!



DROP IN DAYS $55 for half day/ $75 for full day (if camp is not full)







CAMP LISTINGS  (see Camp and Teacher Descriptions below)


June 13-16



June 20-23

AM CAMP 2 – SING A MUSICAL! - LION KING! for 4-9 yrs


Jun 27-June 30

AM CAMP 3 – STORYTELLING W/ CLASSICAL MUSIC & ART: Animal Themes for 4-9 yrs


July 5-8

AM CAMP 4 – KANDINSKY ON COLOR & SOUND: Explore Visual Art with Music: for 4-9 yrs


July 11-14

AM CAMP 5– JAMBO AFRICA! DRUMS, DRUMS, DRUMS (& dance!) for 4-9  yrs

PM CAMP 5 – PIANO'S KEY TO FUN & SUCCESS! for 4-10 yrs

July 18-21

AM CAMP 6 – STRUM 4 FUN W/ UKULELE for 5-10 yrs
July 25-28

AM CAMP 7 – SNAZZY JAZZY for 4-9 yrs

Aug 1-4

AM CAMP 8 – TELL ME A TALE (+music & dances from around the world) for 4-9 yrs

PM CAMP 8 – ALL KEYED UP! for 4-7 yrs 




~SING A MUSICAL! with Leana, ages 4-9 yrs. (Willy Wonka and Lion King in June): Come Sing A Musical Story...and familiar children’s classic songs! Children can more easily learn and practice singing on pitch when their repertoire includes songs that have a limited range, common rhythmic and melodic patterns, and are written in the pentatonic scale. We begin camp with the joyful journey of learning to sing with the fundamental interval, sol-mi...then adding on to sol-la-mi, etc. Successful experiences lead to confidence...and confidence leads to more singing!

Using the creative and imagination of the students together, they sing songs and play instruments also! An energetic camp for your child to harness their vocal power and simple acting skills.

ART, PROPS & MASK-MAKING INCLUDED ALSO (There is an extra $10 charge for art supplies).


Camp inspired by expert and gentle guidance of Choir, Piano and Kindermusik Teacher, Leana Movillion. (see bio below) 


~PIANO’S KEYS TO FUN & SUCCESS! with Leana or Sapna, ages 5-9 yrs (in June, after Sing A Musical with Leana. In July after Music and Art with Sapna. Enjoy both camps!): Come learn how to play the piano with Leana this in this camp...Open to beginning and intermediate players! With her experience in classical and jazz performance, Leana brings a FUN & SUCCESSFUL approach to learning the keys of piano, that includes piano playing, music theory, and music and singing games! Using the Faber method, all students will learn how to read music and apply it to the keyboard. There will also be improvisation and some composition to open the creative mind to piano playing!

Come join Leana in this fun-filled camp and become the musician you aspire to be!


Camp inspired by expert and gentle guidance of Choir, Piano and Kindermusik Teacher, Leana Movillion. (see bio below)



~STORYTELLING IN CLASSICAL MUSIC & ART (Animal Themes) with Sapna, ages 4-9 yrs (in June): How often our favorite childhood memories involve storytelling and classic tales about animals! This unique camp’s theme is designed by artist and classically trained pianist, Sapna, by bringing literature ALIVE! through exploring ANIMAL THEMES in the classics, such as Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, St. Saen's Carnival of the Animals and Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. She will incorporate Art Instruction, Musical Percussions, Voice and Vocal Play, Creative Movement and Narrative Storytelling to inspire and expand your child’s artistic and aesthetic interest. ART, PROPS & MASK-MAKING INCLUDED ALSO. (There is an extra $10 charge for art supplies)


Taught by Sapna Shah (see bio below)


~KANDINSKY ON COLOR AND SOUND: Explore Visual Art & Music with Sapna, ages 4-9 yrs (in July): Relating color (and shape) to sounds, exploring the gamut of musical instruments, and assigning colors to their respective sounds using Kandinsky's criteria. Listening to classical and jazz repertoire, utilizing exercises to focus color and sound association, and arts and crafts to explore the associations. An innovative approach to help children blossom through Self Expression and their own inner experience, using Kandinsky's tools. VISUAL ART & MEDIA INSTRUCTION INCLUDED (There is an extra $10 charge for art supplies)


“Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you are a true poet. This last is essential”   ~Wassily Kandinsky, Russian Painter


This will be an aesthetic week for your child engaged in sights, sounds, and emotions - Art Expression, Multi-Media, Instrument Exploration and Creative Movement, and how they relate together, are just a few of the key components of this camp.


Taught by Sapna Shah (see bio below)


~TWINKLE, TWINKLE FINGERS: SUZUKI PIANO with Sapna, ages 4-9 yrs (in June and July, following Music & Art  camps. Enjoy both camps!): Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - An Intro to Pianoforte.

Let your child explore beginning piano using Suzuki's techniques. We will concentrate on hand and finger position, as well as, keyboard familiarity, using Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. A wonderful intro to pianoforte in a friendly, comfortable group environment.


Taught by Sapna Shah (see bio below)


~JAMBO AFRICA! DRUMS, DRUMS, DRUMS (& dance!), ages 4-9 yrs (In August. A favorite every summer!): Children LOVE to drum on just about anything, and drums can be found in every culture. In this energizing and lively camp, we focus on drums, percussion instruments, dances and music from African, the Caribbean and South America. We learn about echoes (call and response), and we sing, clap and play to a variety of games and song of the African cultures. Learn basic djembe skills and other drums rhythms, songs and chants of Africa. An active and very engaging camp, with various forms of African folk dance, chants and music that will delight the drummers! Dramatic Play & Tales of the clever and famous, Anansi, the Spider - are all part of this week.


Taught by Kathy Hayden (see bio below)


~STRUM FOR FUN w/ UKULELE! with Emily, ages 5-9 yrs (in July): Learn Ukulele this week ...Yes! It’s always a Success!! Ukulele is one of the simplest folk string instruments to learn. Come drift away to a beautiful Hawaiian paradise and other cultures of music, dances and songs, as each day we will learn a new song from a different culture.. Enjoy with Grace, a creative and fun Ukulele & Guitar teacher! In this camp we will learn the basics of the Ukulele and a handful of songs on this fun instrument. We will also engage in group ensembles, native dances and learn about the history of the Ukulele. UKULELES AVAILABLE FOR USE.


Taught by Emily Yurcheshen


~SNAZZY JAZZY! Movin' n Groovin', along with a some jazzy fingering on the keyboard to add to the FUN with Malia!, 9-12:30pm ages 4-9 yrs (July 25-28) Find your GROOVE. Swing and Dance. Sing the Blues. Let your child get an extra helping of musical learning with some jazz music, songs and dances in the mix. In camp, your child will use stories and other activities to learn to observe and enjoy Jazz styles of music...And a little pre-keyboarding to add to the jazzy fun!


Taught by Malia Mauer

~TELL ME TALE with Kathy, ages 4-9 yrs (in August): For centuries and all around the world, children have loved to snuggle, laugh, sing and hear their old classic tales told again and again, never tiring of them! TELL ME A TALE springs from Kindermusik’s commitment to keeping these literary traditions alive, bringing literature to life through music, drumming, dance, art, singing, and providing a rich all-around learning experience your child will not forget. Kathy takes your child on a musical trip to Malaysia, India, Africa, Europe, and N. America...Through this storytelling camp, your child steps into the delightful world of folktales from each country (and that culture’s music) by singing, exploring ensemble development, dancing, playing games and helping them develop a better sense of rhythmic awareness, focused listening, and drama skills. Each day we explore a new country.  ART & CRAFTS INSTRUCTION INCLUDED ALSO


Taught by Kathy Hayden (see bio below)


~ALL KEYED UP! with Kathy, ages 4-7 yrs. (In August, after Tell Me A Tale camp. Enjoy both camps!) Dancing Fingers and Bodies come alive in this camp...moving and grooving! A creative and simple introduction to piano/keyboard and creative movement with music by the well-known composer, J.S. Bach. The answer is right at the tip of your fingers! The same fine motor skills, brain-gym wiring and hand-eye coordination are all fun and essential elements for your future young and budding musician!! Camp is for new and beginning piano players.


Taught by Kathy Hayden (see bio below)





KATHY HAYDEN, Owner, Creative Director and Kindermusik Maestro Educator:

Kathy was raised in a family surrounded by teachers, musicians and artists. She first bought Kindermusik with Kathy to Santa Barbara County in 1997, and was one of the first music and movement programs offered to families in the SB area. Kathy has always surrounded herself with children, and loves nothing more than to be in the presence of the imaginative, free and young spirited, much like herself!

She received a BA in Liberal Studies/Psychology and a Multiple Subjects Elementary Credential. Her Masters of Education Administration is almost complete. She has directed day cares, taught Kindergarten and 1st grade in England and So. California, owned and operated 3 Gymboree franchises, receiving Franchise of The Year, and many honorary awards from Kindermusik. Kathy has extensive training in sensory-motor integration and play therapy for infants and toddlers, has trained with the renowned movement specialist, Phyllis Weikert She regularly attends Orff-Schulwerk musical trainings and ECE workshops. She has been a Music Specialist for various elementary and preschools in SB county. Her Kindermusik program is recognized for exceptional service in bringing music to families and children in our community and abroad.

Kindermusik and Kathy are a perfect match. Her passion is teaching creatively with music, movement, dance, drumming, stories and play...and MOSTLY, loving children and connecting families



Leana started playing piano at the age of six. She always had a passion for piano and singing. She continued to take private piano lessons until she graduated from high school. In high school Leana branched out of her classical studies by joining the jazz ensemble and as an accompanist in the school musicals. She was awarded a top soloist award for the CMEA jazz festival and played for the MTAC Branch Honors recitals.  Leana went to UCSB and received her BA in music with a minor in Applied Psychology and Education. At UCSB she also had her own radio show on KCSB and was the music director for UCSB’s all-female a cappella group VocalMotion. Leana is currently teaching piano for after-school programs in Santa Barbara, as well as accompanying for school choirs. She enjoys teaching private lessons and is excited to teach for Kindermusik in Santa Barbara!



A highly trained pianist from a young age, Sapna has soloed with the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, West Coast Symphony, participated in Strings in the Mountains, and was a graduate of MAC. She performed as both a soloist and a chamber music player. Well versed in music theory, she also taught the Advanced Music class at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM. In addition to her music background, she also has an advanced degree in art, and has worked as both artist and art historian, both in NYC and most recently in Italy, where she both exhibited and curated, and guest lectured at CIAC museum.



Grace is a senior full-time student pursuing a major in Global Studies and minor in Education and Computer Science at UCSB. She is passionate about young children’s education and particularly their exposure to Art and Music form an early age. Grace has a wide breadth of musical knowledge ranging from classical piano training when she was in elementary school, to playing the clarinet and violin in middle school orchestra, to finally focusing on guitar, ukulele and singing from high school through college. Every summer for the past 5 years, she has gone on service trips to Korea, Panama and Mexico to share music and love to children of all ages. Grace is thrilled to be part of Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends unique program and is blown away by the level of talent and creativity in the children that blossoms and develops in this wonderful atmosphere that only Kindermusik can create

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